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App development began June 29, 2021.

Scribble was a concept developed in December 2020, executed in June 2021 and launched in February 2022. The term scribble describes a rough idea and wanting to quickly get it down on something before forgetting. It might come out, scribbled. Here we embrace imperfections because we understand that flowers can grow in concrete. Hence, the birth of Scribble as the Mobile App and Company.

Without further ado, welcome to Scribble, the world’s first app for Authors and Writers to network and connect. The inspiration behind developing this app was simple. There are multiple platforms that discuss, rate, promote and recommend books. But before we get to those platforms, there is a process that is overlooked. The writing process. The behind the scenes work that goes into giving those platforms bodies of work to discuss, rate, promote and recommend. As a writer, this is your arena, your safe space. This is the writer’s platform to express ideas, understand where to start and utlimately publishing your work. We are going to give you the tools to help get you there.

What is Scribble

This platform is designed to help bridge the writing gap between people wanting to write and publish their work but don’t know exactly where to start. Our mission is to help every author and writer tell their stories by providing an interactive platform where they can connect and network with minds alike.

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